3 Ways Instagram Can You Help Plan a Trip

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Have you ever used instagram to help you plan a trip? Some of you might have been inspired to travel simply because of a picture you’ve seen on the app. Several of my old co workers from Disney have become flight attendants. Seeing their pictures from all over the globe doesn’t help my wanderlust.

Normally I have a destination for a trip picked out before I start planning. Once I know where I’m heading I like to search for pictures from that location on instagram. What am I looking for when I do this? I’m looking for pictures of places to dine, visit and stay. I don’t make all of my plans based off of what I find but it is very useful.

1. Get inspiration for places to check out

If I were visiting Malibu I would search instagram for #malibu pictures. This is a great way to see where locals and tourists alike go. I either screenshot or write down what places I like.

2. Find the exact location of cool spots to check out

One of my favorite features on instagram is being able to add a location to a photo. When I see a picture of a place that I would like to visit I look to see if the user has attached the location. If they have you can click on the location and see it on a map. Plus, you can then see all pictures that users have posted using that location. You are able to access the address as well as see a variety of pictures.

3. Check for deals & special rates

Did you know that quite a few companies have specials for the followers on social media? My family and I booked an amazing hotel at a special rate that I saw on instagram. If you know of a hotel that you would like to stay at be sure to check out their feed. You can get an idea of what to expect if you stay there.

These days anytime I go somewhere I always consult instagram. I want to make sure that I’m going to great places. It is so quick to do a search and find a variety of ideas. Has instagram helped you plan a trip? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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