Staying Stylish Candace Cameron Bure’s New Book Is A Must Read For Fans

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I received a complimentary book to review. I promise to share my honest opinion. This post also contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure policy here.

Staying Stylish Candace Cameron Bure

staying stylish candace cameron bure

Staying Stylish is the fourth book that Candace has written. Each of her four books has focused on something different. This particular one shares a detailed look at Candace’s style. Have you ever found yourself wondering how she always seems to look so well put together? Throughout the book, she shares how you can copy what she does!

One of my favorite things about Candace is how relatable she is. Sure, she is a famous actress and my life is very different from hers, yet throughout the book, she shares a lot of brands that I can afford.

Readers get a look inside of Candace’s closet, which is just as perfect looking as I imagined it would be. She offers tips on how to put outfits together, how to dress up a casual outfit, and what pieces of your wardrobe are worth investing in. My style has been evolving in my 20’s and with the inspiration, I’ve been getting from the book I think my most stylish years are ahead of me.

I finished Staying Stylish rather quickly since I was picked to review the book. However, the way the book is written and categorized it is really perfect for busy women. Because it isn’t a novel or a memoir you won’t find yourself needing to finish a chapter right away. It is the kind of book that you can pick up when you need inspiration in a specific style area.

Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy reading books on my kindle. However, I love beautiful hard copies of books and Staying Stylish is a gorgeous book. If you plan on buying it please consider getting the hard copy. Can you imagine how stylish the book would look on your coffee table or book shelf?

Would I Recommend The Book?

If you are a fan of Candace and want to know more about her style this book is a great choice. I am thrilled that she even included tutorials on how she does her hair! The book is coming out at a great time of year too because it would be a fantastic gift for Mom this Christmas.

Other Candace Cameron Bure Books

In addition to Staying Stylish Candace has also written three other books. Reshaping It All shares how she lost weight and is living her healthiest life. In Balancing It All she shares how she balances her faith, family, and her career. With Dancing Through Life, Candace recaps her experience on Dancing With The Stars.

meeting candace cameron bure

I am a big fan of Candace and have had the pleasure of meeting her a few different times. You can read about my experience meeting her here.

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